Jay Myers, Seyfarth partner and Director of Innovation for the Intellectual Property Group, joined Arun Hill, senior consultant at The Clarivate Center for IP and Innovation Research, as a guest in Clarivate’s most recent podcast episode, “Ideas to Innovation: Navigating the AI Frontier in Intellectual Property Law.” Clarivate, a global leader in providing solutions to accelerate the lifecycle of innovation, helps customers solve some of the world’s most complex problems. The podcast episode covers the transformative influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on intellectual property (IP) and trademark law. It offers valuable insights into how organizations can leverage AI to navigate the complexities of IP law, striking a balance between innovation and the critical human element of legal expertise. Follow the links below to listen in and explore how AI is not only automating tasks, but also augmenting the capabilities of IP professionals to achieve higher-quality outcomes for their clients.

Podcast Links: