Lauren Gregory Leipold

Co-Editor of Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog

Lauren is co-editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog and a partner in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice group. Lauren works hand in hand with clients from a wide range of industries to create and execute customized intellectual property protection programs that align their goals with the practical realities of emerging e-commerce trends. Although Lauren has experience litigating a wide range of commercial disputes, she has focused primarily on protecting clients’ intangible assets. She regularly counsels on brand protection strategy and mitigation of risk in connection with the launch of new marketing campaigns. Lauren has designed and implemented trademark enforcement programs for clients ranging from startups to large, international corporations. She also assists clients in securing, protecting, enforcing, and licensing other intangible assets, from copyright to trade secrets to publicity rights.

Puya Partow-Navid

Co-Editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog

Puya is co-editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog and a partner in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice group in the LA office. With nearly a decade of experience as an engineer, Puya provides his clients with a real-world understanding of their technology. He draws upon more than 10 years of experience as a patent attorney to get his clients’ inventions allowed as patents, and a happy client is a client with an issued patent. Puya’s work also includes assisting clients with patent re-examination and reissue, litigation support, infringement analysis, patent validity analysis, freedom to operate analysis, and trademark prosecution and oppositions. As an inventor that has sat on the other side of the table, Puya knows the patent process can be confusing. He also knows how exciting it is to be an inventor. Your invention is your baby, and you want it to be in good hands. Puya’s experience helps him connect with engineers, inventors, and IP owners, and allows him to clarify the patent process for his clients. Recently, Puya was named to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2022 Top 100 Lawyers list.

Owen R. Wolfe

Contributing Editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog

Owen is a Contributing Editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog and a partner in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice group in the New York office. Owen is passionate about finding creative solutions and using technology to represent his litigation clients in a robust, cost-efficient manner, advising them on the best way in which to achieve an outcome that aligns with their unique business objectives. Litigation in the US has grown increasingly complex, whether it takes place in federal or state court, before an arbitrator, or in other forums, and whether you are an individual or a large corporation. Among other things, technology and the global economy have changed many aspects of litigation, including discovery. Owen helps clients avoid litigation altogether—or, when litigation is unavoidable, navigate the challenges posed by all aspects of modern litigation in a wide variety of forums.

Brian L. Michealis

Chair of the National Intellectual Property Practice Group

Brian is the chair of Seyfarth’s national Intellectual Property practice group. Brian brings more than 30 years of experience deploying a wide range of IP protection mechanisms, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and contracts to meet diverse objectives and imperatives. Brian works with leading companies in almost all of the markets serviced by the firm. Clients range from early stage, emerging technology companies to global innovators. With nearly a decade of in-house engineering experience in manufacturing and research and development, Brian has developed and worked intimately in the development of technology that he now works daily to protect. With substantial experience in the technology development and manufacturing environments, Brian is attuned to the development process and the stages of development. This experience allows him to use the right mechanism at the right time to achieve good protection at an appropriate cost.

Edward F. Maluf

Co-Chair of the National Intellectual Property Practice Group 

Ed is the editor of the Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill Blog and co-chair of Seyfarth’s national Intellectual Property practice group, as well as a member of the firm’s Advertising & Marketing team. Ed has more than three decades of experience representing domestic and foreign clients. Ed is an IP litigator, prosecutor and counselor. He assists clients with a diverse array of engagements, including obtaining, enforcing and defending their IP rights. This also includes transactions where clients are in need of advice in connection with acquisitions of portfolios and other valuable intangible assets, maintenance of valuable existing IP portfolios, and licensing. 

Renée B. Appel

Renée is an associate in Seyfarth’s Litigation department in the Washington, DC office. Renée’s practice focuses on advertising and marketing, personal care and cosmetics products, consumer financial protection matters, and general regulatory compliance. Renée has a knack for problem-solving, which begins with asking the right questions of her clients, interpreting the rules and regulations that apply to her clients’ situations, and devising expedited resolutions. Renée serves as litigation counsel to an industry trade association in the personal care products space. She also defends companies in enforcement matters brought by federal and state regulatory agencies and in litigation concerning product safety, labeling, packaging, and claim substantiation. She has handled all aspects of complex litigation, including fact and expert discovery, depositions, motions practice, hearings, and trial proceedings. Renée also regularly counsels cosmetics, skincare, and dietary supplement companies on labeling, consumer marketing, and risk management to avoid litigation and enforcement actions. This ensures adherence to rules and regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission. 

Sharad Bijanki

Sharad is an associate in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice group in the firm’s Houston office. Sharad collaborates with clients to provide high-impact IP protection and enforcement that supports meaningful business margins. His experience includes federal court litigation concerning patent infringement and Lanham Act claims, and also global portfolio management. Sharad’s IP experience spans many industries, including energy, mining and drilling, consumer products, electronics, manufacturing, food science, pharmaceuticals, HVAV and more. 

George S. Haight

George is a senior counsel in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice group in the firm’s Boston office. George counsels clients in all aspects of intellectual property, from procurement to enforcement and defense. Having been an engineer, and now a practicing intellectual property lawyer since 2004, George brings wide-ranging and complex experience into every interaction with a client or potential client. Through both litigation and procurement, George’s broad skill set provides multifaceted strategy to build, strengthen, and protect the intellectual property assets of his clients. George has procured IP assets for his clients, asserted IP assets against those who have infringed on clients’ IP rights, and defended clients from accusations of infringement. He has litigated cases in the International Trade Commission and US District Courts, as well as challenged and defended patents before the Patent Trials and Appeals Board. George’s practice covers a broad range of technologies, including electronics, computer hardware and software, network communications, artificial intelligence, wireless communications, telecommunications, broadcast media, medical devices, optics, imaging systems, and sporting goods, to name a few.

Vince Smolczynski

Vince works with leading companies in nearly all markets serviced by the firm, from biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health care to computer software and consumer products. His clients range from early stage, emerging technology companies to established, legacy global innovators. Vince’s experience covers the full spectrum of commercial litigation and intellectual property practice, working with clients to obtain, enforce and defend against patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and related contracts in order to meet his clients’ objectives efficiently. He also provides data privacy counseling, and works closely with clients on the development of terms of service and policies relating to data privacy and retention.