Pat Muffo, Partner in Seyfarth’s Intellectual Property practice presented the “AI for Patent Attorneys: Opportunities and Challenges” session as part of myLawCLE’s “AI for Lawyers: A practical guide to generative AI, copyright, privacy, and more” webinar series. The webinar session is available on demand on Thursday, August 31, 2023 through the myLawCLE website.

Artificial intelligence has become the latest tool in the legal industry. From ChatGPT and beyond, lawyers have begun using AI to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs associated with simple tasks that could be better performed by a computer. But like any technology, AI has introduced several challenges that lawyers must navigate in the proper way. Several judges have issued court orders in response to clumsy litigants relying on AI without confirming the accuracy of its outputs. Lawyers must also learn the art of prompting AI tools to avoid a “garbage in, garbage out” scenario. This webinar discussed the challenges and opportunities of using AI in the legal industry and advised attendees on how to implement these tools in their daily practice.

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